To distill something means to condense, purify, or extract the essential meaning or most important aspects of something.  Often this is referring to the liqueur making process, and for that I highly recommend Scotch from Islay, but for the purpose of this blog, this distilling process is a way for me to capture some of my more significant posts in order to remember, re-think, and reference them if needed.  Below you’ll find an evolving list of posts that I’d rather not forget about, and that may or may not be some of my more palatable distillations.  Cheers.

A Book that’s more than a Book
Thoughts on the nature of the Bible and how I’ve come to understand and engage with it.

The Paradox of how to address G-D
A reflection on God’s gender, bigness, and nearness.

Porcelain Jesus
How Jesus ain’t white

To my friends and family, yes black lives matter.
Title says it all

A Moment of Reflection
Looking back on the crazy reality that Oak Life Church is a thing.

Curious about Jesus?
I wanted to write a post that was a simple introduction to the radical and subversive figure I’ve been hanging out with for the past couple decades.

Plowshares into AKs
Some musings on guns and following Jesus.

Worth Celebrating
Why I was excited for the SCOTUS decision regarding same sex marriage.

Christians don’t have a monopoly on God
How I’ve often seen God’s handiwork outside faith communities as much as inside of them.

but he is not.
Some thoughts on life and death after my grandfather’s passing

Male reflections on my wedding day.

What If?
Dreams about helping a young orphan come to America and go to college that actually came true (though it’s not mentioned here)