What it’s like

It’s a lonely transition

Becoming a parent

The affection is overwhelming

But the hours are no joke

Someone should have warned us

About the tortuous nights

Sleep deprived for as long as memory holds &

Holding it together when you’ve been empty for months

I’ve got friends who talk about shrooms and ego death

They should try this, seriously

I lost myself some time ago

Amidst the gallons of body fluid

Sometimes unknown sources

But there is nothing like it

Ecstasy & hidden agony

Togetherness & isolation

Joy & measureless exhaustion

All there at 3 AM & PM

This is the endless marathon of eternal life

Creating a future beyond

Of love & goodness I can’t orchestrate or control

Who will they become?

Why does it go by so fast?

Will they love me as I do them?

Can I get a Goddamned nap?

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