Screens suck me in

The non-essential brain tickles

Forever distracting & tantalizing

Shifting consciousness from the dopamine void present

Abrupt chaos and infinite Karens

Gaze fixed like a pubescent boy on Baywatch

At least the straight ones

I guess the gay too now that I think about it

Hasselfhof & Pamela hypnosis

Either way I’m hooked

Gland fatiguing algorithms

Who’s tentacles have tangled my psyche

Tantalizing, slowly then instantly

Screen clicks & soul hits

Exposing all my pecadillos

Exploiting my most vulnerable searching

Revealing a dark & addicted heart

Would I blush if you could see my history?

Would I feel better if I could put the phone down?

Would we be more loving if we were embodied?

Does the Pope shit in the woods?

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