An Attempt

What follows is my attempt

To pen words which hold a glimmer

Of what it’s like to be held

By a God beyond words

To bump up against the someone

Behind it all

Who is the great secret of every moment

That is hidden everywhere

We’ve tried for millennia

To name the obfuscated obvious

To sing the great famous mystery

You are nowhere, yet love itself, a river through it all

Inaudible, yet the melody that makes all souls fall

In my memory, sentimental and earnest

Weeping next to me always

A smile as deep as the seas

Filled with the water from lovers’ eyes

You hold the pen which wrote

Every instant of my being

Every taste and tear

And all I can do is nothing

Exhale and rest

Accepting all of reality

As the arms of eternity, conscious

Laughing in pleasure & pure joy

Whispering ever so loudly,

I love you

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