You are what you eat

A table holding God in grain

In a room of broken stories

Wounded by the supposed sacred

Some questioning, allergic, intolerant

But still sorrowfully hungry

Longing for the love underneath it all

Grape juice made holy nectar

Dripping spirits, blood of Christ

Making broken bread soggy

Our brokenness finding home in the divine

Wearing down our defenses

Sanctifying our souls

Nourishing our systems

Fueling our resistance

As we learn to be loved

It’s a new way

Love in food

Love embodied

God consumed

God tasted

You are what you eat

Love of enemy

Agape deaths

Grace on grace on grace

Mercy made flesh

We are what we eat

Or at least becoming what we eat

A proclamation of opposites

Upside downs and reversals

Shit to glory

Death to fresh babies wails

Horror to heaven

Grief to gift

Abomination to masterpiece

This bread and this cup

Are more

More than grain and grape

They are a sign that we are not alone

That God is love

That Love will win

Every time we eat

With each sip we drink

Love wins

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