In your eyes the face of God is felt
No dogmas parallel
To your skies, the harmonies of heaven
Our fabrics fail and fight
To keep these bodies warm the same as you
Home within your mystery
Embers glow of death and resurrection
Forever burning still

In your voice the tragedy of faith
No words articulate
The beauty that’s veiled inside the ordinary
Life is ordination
The firmament and everything in between
Pathology’s religion
A tangled mess, the stunning fog of love
Holds us closer still

In your touch a paradox divine
skin and bone and wine
The spirit of life that breathed us into being
Near enough to be named
Who am I to taste this grain, this body
The feast that never ceases
Nourish us until forever’s over
Until forever’s over

In this place we were free
To find out where you hide
And like light we cannot see
Still the darkness flees

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