We’re getting closer


Years ago a dream began to steep in my mind. It’s birthed out of a deep conviction that the greatest force for change in our world is the transforming love of Christ, that heals, redeems, liberates, forgives, and reconciles. As I began to think and talk more about this dream, others began to join in on the conversation. We started to realize that in our context spaces where culture and Christ intersect are far and few between. Most of us live in a world that seems disconnected from the story of redemption found in the Bible. The community of Christ and the community of our culture are often like a parallel lines that never connect or cross. The church and the world are often speaking different cultural languages altogether, leaving large portions of our culture distant from even the possibility of a communion with our Creator.

For me, my world was just this, disconnected from the story of Jesus. The whole Christian thing seemed foreign, out-dated, and archaic.

For me, my world was just this, disconnected from the story of Jesus. The whole Christian thing seemed foreign, out-dated, and archaic. That changed when I was invited to a punk-rock show being held at a church- something that seemed paradoxical at the time. This church was birthed out of a dream to create a space where Christ intersected the culture of our context. As I started to attend the youth program, I began to hear about God’s unconditional love in my language and my culture-just like Paul in Acts 17. The music, the lingo, and the worldview were all familiar to me and didn’t require an academic explanation of ancient religious vernacular. It was in this context, where greatest story of love ever told connected to my world in a way that changed me forever. I’m eternally grateful that there was a community of people who longed for Christ to intersect with my world. The opportunity to experience God in a way that made sense to me is something we’ve become burdened to share with others.

It’s out of this burden that our dream is being made reality. Our hope is to create more spaces where Christ and culture intersect, where God’s healing, redemption, liberation, forgiveness, and reconciliation can be experienced and encountered by others. In our context spaces where Christ and the world intersect, where the fierce love story of the Bible is told in a way that is incarnated into culture, and where a group of people who live for the good of their communities, are far a few between. In fact, the Bay Area has one of the smallest amounts of churches of any major metropolitan area in the United States.

Over the next few months we’re inviting others to join us as we continue to dream about what it would be like to create and become a community where Christ and culture intersect, as we till the soil and begin to plant a new church. More to come. Be stoked.

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