From Perch to Flight

In the moment it takes

A bird to perch

Then take to flight

She left this life

Surrounded by the embrace

Of her Groom and those she nursed

We spoke our love

As best we could

Our Lords Prayer

Our Holy Tears

We give thanks

We say goodbye

To each of us

A gift she gave

A loving wife

A caring mom

A precious grandma

A faithful friend

The memories

Though they may vary

Will still remain

We’ll forever carry

Summers in the Sierras

Road trips to the Pacific

A honeymoon for lovers

On the banks of the Russian

A Haunted Hotel

A village named Dickens

And thanksgiving dinners

From Colorado to California

From a Mountain Village

To a city by the bay

Eighty-two years of cherished time

What a blessing

What a gift

She will not be forgotten in our minds

With each new day and each new year

For who we are and where we’ve been

She shaped our hearts and changed our lives

Into our God we trust her soul

As a bird takes flight and begins to soar

Towards the heavens, towards distant shores

Goodbye and Thanks

Forever more.

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