Letters to My Son: Ninjas & Imago Dei

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I’ve been kicking around different subjects for this letter for a few days.  There are so many things to write to you about, and since this is my third message, I feel like it has to carry some significance.  Do I start with the big stuff?  Do I wax poetic about the mysteries of the soul or the universe?  Should I settle for you once and for all why Ninjas are better than Pirates?

I guess those questions tap into one of the emotions we have about you at the moment.  Tomorrow marks your third week amongst us air breathers and there is so much still ahead.  So far our time together has consisted mostly of diapers, nursing, sleeping, not sleeping, and lots holding you, rocking in our arms- that’s my favorite.  Oh, and we did take you to your first A’s Opening Day on your two week birthday.  They won in a walk off.  Other than that it’s been mostly a lot of hanging around the house.  In the coming months, years, and decades we’ll get to explore life’s vastness and so I guess I should do my best to enjoy the simplicity of this moment.

Hearing your tiny vocal chords chirp as you guzzle milk, feeling the softness of our skin on mine (there aren’t really words to describe how soft your skin in),  and watching your fresh blue eyes open for those few moments during the day- those gifts are more than enough for now.

Life really is precious my son.  Every breath that fills your newly exposed lungs is a gift to be received.  The presence of beauty and goodness are with us always, if we notice it.  Sometimes we get ahead of ourselves and miss what’s in front of us.  For now, you are what’s in front of us.  And bundled amidst your swaddling cloths is a heart, a soul, and a mind that holds all of life’s mysteries in one elegantly ordained body.

You my son are beauty, curiosity, miracle, joy, and wonder.  Before anything else, you are a reflection of all of that is sacred.  Within your being is a capacity for what I’ve come to believe is truth itself: love.  This is who you are,  created in the image of the Divine, the Imago Dei.  All the rest of us too.

There will be many contrasting messages sent your way in the future, and many dividing forces that will do their best to quench this flame, but I want you to know that we will always see this in you.  You will always be a reminder of the grace that is life and our hope in love’s source and home.   As we enjoy this season of our lives with you, this is what we behold.

Next time I’ll probably share some really great fatherly wisdom about life and faith, but for now I think I’ll go back to you.


Your Dad

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