Do for us what we cannot do for ourselves

A poem/prayer of lament for myself, my friends, and our world:

You, the great promise maker
The one who said you’d always be there
Where’d you go?
Don’t you see us?

Down here at the bottom
Below who you’ve made us to be
Alone with everyone else

We can’t get out
We’re all drowning
And it’s getting worse

Send us a line
Break these barriers
Do something!

If we do our best to be still and hear you, will you say something?
If our lives become holy prayers why do you still let us suffer?
Why are you so silent to us?
Why do you let us drown in these depths?

Swimming for air we’re powerless
Our best efforts have only brought us deeper
We’ve lost sight of north and south
Where have you gone?

Do for us what we cannot do for ourselves
I thought you loved us?
I thought you were near?


Still nothing


Currents change in the dark wavy light
The pressure lessons
The tides wane
The shadows subside

Before we could understand
Before we could open our eyes
Before we could reach out our hands
The threshold is broken

We choke and cough and gasp
Salty sea and saliva
Painful breath
The first painful breath, every time its the same.

Do for us what we cannot do for ourselves
Draw us out
Pull us up
Stop neglecting our muted prayers

Carry us through
Give us the shore
Warm our icy skin

Breath into our lungs
Be who you are
Be the one who’s always been there

We’ll do our best to trust
We’ll try our hardest to hope
But we’ve only got so much
Do for us what we cannot do for ourselves




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