Here we are.


Just over 3 months in.  

Here we are.

Lakeside, starting a church.  

What a journey it has been already.  

Thanks God.  Thanks for the new friendships.  Thanks for the baptism.  Thanks for the prayers.  Thanks for the connections with other churches.  Thanks for the running club and our friends camping out by the lake.  Thanks for the other church plants.  Thanks for the group of people who believe in this thing.  Thanks for the vision and the dream of what you could do in us and through us.  

Father, please keep this thing about you and what you’re up to here.  Protect us from focusing too much on the work and making it about us.  

Please, make this thing yours.  Make me yours.  Make my marriage yours.  Make our home yours.  Make our friendships yours.  Make our community yours.  Make our vision yours, our dreams yours, our concerns yours, our plans yours, our budget yours, our future yours.

My life 
Will underwhelm
What’s in my heart
Your love
Will overcome 
My failures
In this place we moved
We need you
Redeem our stories
Once more

My voice
Will fall short
Of your mystery
Your voice 
Will still speak
In this city
In this place we moved
We need you
Redeem our stories
Once more

On this overpass
We believe you’ll catch us
By the waterside
We believe you sent us

Lead us in
All of this
Find us where 
Your will be done

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