Recounting Grace

On the day our nation OKs our outward signs of gratitude
We remember the gifts we’ve inherited
Freedom, Health, Family, friends, and Wealth,
Were these really so stealth on all the other days?
Or are really so trapped by those voices, we keep our thanks wrapped?

More than all the grains of sand on earth
Are the ways in which you’ve made You known
How could I possibly keep track of their endlessness?
Can even the night lights analogize your fathomlessness?

So she greets me this morning and tells me she loves me.
She lay beside me as I slumbered
She keeps me company through all my days
And shows me affection in so many ways.

Just like the night stars whom embody your grace
She captures more than I can possibly say
Her touch reminds me of your provocative incarnation
And her voice sings my favorite invocations

Within this union beats the sweetest of songs
A reflection of heaven from which our soul longs
She is that, which I am most grateful
As she is a story of how you’ve been faithful

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