Cities, Cities, Cities

Three weeks ago or so we moved to a brand new town, Pasadena.  Pasadena is a great city with loads of history, rich culture, descent diversity, and tons of activity.  It’s been a blast getting our “lay of the land” as we find a church, locate our favorite pub, adventure new trails and parks, and get plugged into a new community.  So far Pasadena feels like a “big, little city”.  It’s got plenty going on but doesn’t feel too overwhelming.  Sometimes I think we over-glamorize the city experience and prioritize it before things like family, relationships, and community; which for my money, are what makes a place actually valuable – but for the sake of this post, lets pretend like we could take everyone with us!

As is my first time moving to a new area long term, it got me thinking more about moving to other cities and these questions, I’d love to hear from you!:

What is the number one city I would love to live in?

What factors make it my top pick?  Culture? Scenery?

Once in a new community, what are the first places you need to find?  Grocery stores?  Hair salons?

If I was given a kick-butt job as a high paid casual blogger anywhere in the world, and I could chose the city in which I would live for a time, these are my top choices:

1) San Francisco.  There is just no place like the city by the bay.  I know it’s close to my home town, but I’m just being honest!

2) Auckland.  It’s culturally similar but filled with a plethora of new experiences.  I’d love to be able to explore Kiwiland and all the scenery that made movies like Lord of the Rings possible as well as learn about the rich Moari history.

3) Jerusalem.  How crazy would it be to live in the epicenter of such significant history and culture?  To walk the steps of Christ, Peter, and Paul.  To imagine the wars and conflicts?  To bear witness to the ever present tension?

4) London.  I’ve heard that The Old Smoke is still considered the most influential city in the world.  I can’t imagine what it would be like to live where C.S. Lewis wrote, where Churchill spoke, and where Banksy paints.

5) Thaton, Myanmar.  For personal reasons it would be amazing to spend some time in a place that I love with some people who mean so much to me.

6) Varanasi, India.  Mark Twain once said that this city is “older than history”.  Nestled on the banks of the Ganges and representing one of the most holy sites for Hindus, it would be amazing to spend some time exploring, learning, and changing.

Now it’s your turn.  Where would you live if you could live anywhere in the world, why?

One thought on “Cities, Cities, Cities

  1. Chris, wonderful blog & very thought provoking. Hmmmm…….London, always a favorite, but I love the people, music, culture, & colors of Mexico. You’ve got me thinking…….

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