It all started here…

Have you ever belonged to a place?  An room, park, cabin, house, or community that meant more to you than just space to occupy?  For me, no place has shaped and influenced me more than my church, CrossWinds.  I still remember the first time I stepped inside our converted warehouse for that Ska concert some 12 years ago.  I was an awkward middle school kid longing for acceptance and guidance.  What happened to me as I returned each week for youth group and Sunday service since then has forever changed my life.  I found faith, developed profound relationships, embarked on global adventures, learned music, and came full circle from student to leader as I followed a call to Ministry.  I’ll always be grateful, will always celebrate, and will always remember how God used that place and those people in my life.

Now, after years of countless conversations, games, meetings, bagels, videos, trips, camps, sermons, small groups, clean ups, and all-nighters I’ve begun to ponder what might be next.  Nothing is certain, other than when and if I ever leave this place – it will be both a tremendously sad and challenging goodbye.


Somewhere in this place
I was safe
Somewhere in this place
You were home

There was a boy who needed time
And all I could give I gave away
A broken story was his life
Why did it all come crashing down?

There was a girl who needed hope
Her daddy was all but abandoning
If only she sensed your smiling gaze
As you revel in her worth

Hold me desire
In between the worlds
Of Beauty and Desire
Burning in me

There was a place for all our kids
Where they could escape what troubled them
A place filled with laughter and with love
And I was father to all of them

Hold me desire
Between the worlds
Of home and the frontier
Inside of me

The world is a maze and I can’t find my way
Your voice is a cloud and I can’t make it out
My heart is a mystery veiled underneath
My desire

Somewhere in this place
I was safe
Somewhere in this place
You were home

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