In Defense of Our Dreams

Our world is an ever changing, never stopping, forever moving, constantly evolving reality.  Every single moment is immeasurably different than the last and the present will never be the same as it was just a moment ago.  So, what makes this happen?  How does everything keep on moving forward?  How do things change on planet earth?  What occurs or doesn’t occur to make things do things?  In my mind there are two ways in which the standard operating procedure or status quo alter.

1) The Natural Process.  Let’s face it.  Existence is unraveling before us and we’re its subjects, slaves, and pons.  We did not choose to be, we may not have even wanted to be, we just are.  In this way as the world changes around us, outside of our control, we humans are just along for the ride, watching the changing scenery outside our train of life.  Change just happens and we are just observers.

2) We can make change.  Have you ever made a goal for yourself and had the gumption to follow through with some simple steps to make the goal reality?  Have you ever envisioned an outcome that was beyond your immediate grasp, yet were inspired to work towards it only to have your vision come true?  In this way I’m learning that we homo-sapiens deviate from the rest of the animal kingdom, we can dream.  We can dream things years, decades, and centuries from now and develop an action plan that incarnates our dream from abstract to actual.

It’s my experience that most everybody follows option one.   It’s rare to meet the individuals who live by option two.  Many of us find ourselves somewhere in the middle.  Here’s my point:  For some strange reason, we each have the capacity to dream up the most unbelievable outcomes for our life and then we get to spend our life striving for this ends.  I’m becoming convinced that this ability is what makes us human.  The ability to set goals, make plans, fail, and try again.  The ability to create.  The ability to dream.  Without a doubt we may get things wrong, or come up with a notion that is misdirected, but god-forbid we miss out on the adventure altogether!  If you were given limitless freedom to imagine where you could be 5, 10, 40 years from now what would you be doing?  If you could change something about life what would it be, and what are the steps to get from where you are now, to where your dream is reality?  Why just sit back and let change happen all around us when we were given the incredulous chance to make our own change?  Maybe this is a part of what life to the fullest looks like.

One thought on “In Defense of Our Dreams

  1. Chris! So good. This reminds me today to live intentionally, especially in this “holiday season”. To not let Christmas just go by the way it always does, but to be intentional about dreaming and doing something significant. I want to write a good story this Christmas, as Donald Miller would say. I’m so excited for you as you dream about Myanmar and next year at the church and everything else in your life… just don’t get any ideas about sailing that Newport boat to Portland.

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