Grateful Reminiscing


Four Summers ago I moved into a rented old house in a neighborhood built in the late 60s with three other guys.  We all knew each other from Church.  Today we celebrated the end of an era as the most recent lineup of roommates along with some “old-timers” gathered for a “house-cooling” party.  It was a blast to walk around the empty house and remember the conversations and experiences that oozed from each room.   We shared with one another memories of awkward moments, spiritual revelations, video-game benchmarks, pillow-talk, weird smells, girl friends, highs/lows, and a plethora of other noteworthy times.  I still remember my first night sleeping in the front room not knowing what to expect, but knowing I was excited for the future.  I’ve selected two rooms to specifically remember.  I’m so thankful for my time in that house, with those guys.  The lessons I’ve learned and friendships I’ve made are invaluable to me.


This is my most recent bedroom.  Its empty now, but just imagine me sleeping on a big cozy bed next to or bellow the top bunk of a given roommate.  This was my place of peace.  I often wrote songs, blogs, sermons, or journal entries in here.  One time I wrestled my roommate Paul and he ended up giving me a weggie so bad that it tore my boxers!  Those boxers were later hung on the wall outside the door of the bedroom as a warning to all whom entered.  I’ll never forget waking up each morning thinking about what I had to get done that day and asking God to help me be his servant.  Thanks Mike and Dave for sharing that room with me!


This room is known as the “cabin room”.  Inside its cozy quarters I along with the roomies we celebrated Christmas with full decoration, played endless hours of Xbox, PS2, and Wii, watched an amazing Sigur Ros DVD experience, had an indescribable run of four years of Middle School small group ministry, gave shelter to at least three different people for extended periods of time who were at the time homeless, had  some cuddle times with girls :), prayed, and most recently started a small college group ministry which seems to be growing.  What a sanctuary! What a tabernacle! What a sacred space!

Throughout the home are some other rooms who hosted countless conversations with beloved friends, cradled my sleeping body, nurtured our imaginations as we watched television and movies, and provided us shelter as we all, for the past four years, lived out our life story .  As I gratefully remember all the good times my spirit overflows with thanksgiving.  I could never have anticipated so many stories to have taken place here, so many relationships fostered and deepened, and so many lives to be changed.  I remember the way it started when we first moved in, how much I was looking forward to what would take place under that roof.

In the same way today I am just as curiously excited for what life has for me next.  In many ways it is the end of an era and the beginning of a new one.  As I look back at the last four years I am humbled and exceedingly grateful.  As I look forward to whatever is next, I feel privileged to live this life, and will try my hardest to live it well.



2 thoughts on “Grateful Reminiscing

  1. I have to admit that I teared up a bit as I read this blog (but seriously, what else is new?). This place was like a home to me over the past few years . As I walked around tonight I was overwhelmed with memories. I am so thankful for the time that I had there. Those walls housed some amazing men that I am so thankful to know. Under that roof I laughed, cried and learned how to love. For all of these moments I am grateful. Although I am overwhelmed by all the great stories every room in that house held, I am mostly excited for the path that God is leading you all down. I am blessed to have been an insider and I look forward to watching where life takes you.

    Goodbye 69….The times are a changin’….

  2. Chris – this is beautiful… we were sad we couldn’t be there to say good bye to an era. The best part of the house is the men who lived there – you guys are amazing and your friendship and commitment to each other and the greater community is simply beautiful. I can’t wait to see all that you guys do. I agree with Brittany – I was happy to be part of it for a little while.

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